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Online Class
New Bangla Short Film 2021
New Social Awareness Video 2021
Bangla Funny Song 2021
New Bangla Funny Short Film 2021
Dizendro Lal Mondal
DLM Production House
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Story : Dizendro Lal Mondal

Director: Dizendro Lal Mondal

Cast : Dizendro Lal Mondal

: Dizendro Lal Mondal

Edit : Dizendro Lal Mondal

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I'm Dizendro Lal Mondal (Dipu)
I'm from Dhaka & have a crazy life! Keep up :)

The team "Dizendro Lal Mondal"& We are always making Comedy Videos, doing Short Films & going on crazy Adventures.
Subscribe & watch our videos to keep up with the madness.

Director - Dizendro Lal Mondal
DOP -Dizendro Lal Mondal
Editor - Dizendro Lal Mondal



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