????Open Lobby($2 montage reaction)| Fortnite Streamer | Middle East | ????

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My name is Alex Wrigley. Streaming is something I desire to do on a scheduled basis but work limits that from happening!
#Fortnite, #SouthAfricanStreamer, #FortniteAfricanServers

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NB: Donations are nonrefundable, please do not ask for mod through donations, please do not ask to play through donations "I play with anyone, anytime, any day".

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Main Games I stream
- Fortnite

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- Elite Pro Series is a tournament host that I run to bring you the best free to enter tournaments with a prize pool. Aiming at making South African eSports Bigger and Better.

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Ryzen 5 3600
GTX 1060 6GB
60 HZ Dell 1 MS Monitor
PS4 Standard Controller V2
Bazooka B450 Max

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