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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Joe Lonsdale (Co-founder of Palantir, entrepreneur, venture capitalist) about how Silicon Valley got woke, Palantir rethought how governments handle big data analytics, and how libertarian principles could help make healthcare and the housing market more affordable for millions of Americans. Joe begins by telling us how he got involved in entrepreneurship and the early days of companies like Facebook and Paypal. Joe discusses why so much wealth gets squandered when it is managed by a big government bureaucracy instead of innovators like Peter Thiel and Elon Musk who excel at creating value. Joe gives his theories on how big tech companies like Google ended up so woke. He thinks companies could avoid this fate if they focused on how to hire employees that are aligned with their core mission. Joe also describes how pushing healthcare into more of a free market system could break the lobbying stranglehold that the health insurance and pharmaceutical industry have on the market. This competition would result in far lower prices for prescription drugs and other types of medicine. Joe also discusses the future of subscription business models on the internet and why he has invested in

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What is the future of tech? What effect is all the innovation coming out of silicon valley having on us? Is it inevitable that machine intelligence will eliminate a vast majority of our jobs? Is it even possible to know what future tech will look like? Watch these experts describe the cutting edge in new tech, but also what we can expect in the future and the effect it will have on you in this playlist:

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