(Part 4) Sorting Fact from Fiction: Answering your biggest questions about misinformation & fraud

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David Mikkelson launched in 1994, before most people were even connected to the internet, making it the oldest fact-checking site online. He's been on the front lines of the infodemic since it began.

Our survey respondents cited website as their top recommend tool for fact-checking, so we asked David for tips on how to be better fact-checkers. He said in order to distinguish fact from fiction, people should:

Learn to distinguish news from opinion
Look for the same information to be reported by multiple reputable sources
Check the publishing date; old news can easily be recycled
We also got to ask him a question that surfaced from our survey, "Is Snopes biased?"

EVENT INFO: Learn more at AARP's free online speaker series: Sorting Fact from Fiction. David Mikkelson will present Sat 10/24. Pre-registration is required.

Sorting Fact From Fiction is sponsored by AARP Washington in partnership with the Center for an Informed Public at the University of Washington and BECU.
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