Past Aftons Observe a Day in their Future (Part 1: Elizabeth Afton/AU/Gacha Club/Read Desc/Lizzie)

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This took me about two weeks to make-
I honestly was kinda scared to post this after I finished, I know people are gonna have their opinions, but again, that’s also part of making your own
Clearly This Video is Basically Built on the fact that this is an AU.
I like to sorta merge fandoms stories together, and I’m really sorry if this video didn’t make but I hope you enjoyed
I’m not exactly proud of the ending to this part, I had something better planned, but the video was getting to long, so I was scared I wouldn’t be able to export it, as it was I needed to transfer the data to my iPad just so I could add in the audio and export it from there-
I know the audio is just a bunch of piano music and rain sound effects, but I feel like it helps give feeling yknow?..

To explain this a little better, The aftons are all technically separated in this Au, Michael doesn’t currently have Ennard with him when you see him in the video, he didn’t speak much because well, he doesn’t really have any lungs- I don’t see how he would be able to speak properly, when the song happened he had a sort-of voice box with him, it was damaged, but allowed him to sing, that’s all I’ll say on michaels part for now.
Chris and Clara were both able to move on, they watch over they’re family members from above, though they do visit often, even if the others can’t see them.

Clara isn’t Ballora here. Ballora is connected to the afton family, and it is because of Clara and William, but Clara herself is not Ballora here. That will be explained in the future.
For William, no information was given about him in this part yet. So I won’t say anything there. Just know that it is different from what anyone will be used to.

For Elizabeth, I guess you might be questioning why her, Fran, and Six would see Ink as their adoptive parent.
Well, None of them have their parents. Frans parents?, their dead. Six?, who even are her parents?, there might be information there. But right now, that is unknown in this au. Elizabeth?.. she’s dead. Her parents are dead. Her brothers are dead. Her best friend, is dead. She is meant to be trapped in circus baby, she was alone for a long time. Ink found her before Fran and Six. (I know I had them all meet through a singing battle in the past, but I’m working on planning a real story for this.), Ink Found Elizabeth, this part isn’t quite planned yet, but I will plan a video of them meeting in some way at some point in the future, I don’t know when, but I will.
To explain why Elizabeth looked like herself, I know it was mentioned multiple times in the video, but in case you didn’t understand-

Elizabeth is able to come outside once a week due to Inks Abilities with paint. Over the week, Ink gathers the paint and materials to create a body for Elizabeth’s soul to stay in for the day, at the end of the day she needs to be back in her robotic form before the body of paint wears out. If she doesn’t, that was explained in the video.
If your questioning how Elizabeth knew how Charlie was the marionette, or how she knew Charlie was even around, that’s a story for another time again.

I’m gonna stop my explaination here, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments

Anyway, ima go ahead and give audio credits-
Channels for the Piano Covers:

If you made it this far in the description, good job qwq
I hope you enjoyed.

Also, Some people appearantly didn’t like that I never credited Scott for the Fnaf characters, I get that, but please don’t be rude about

Fnaf Characters are owned by Scott Cawthon
Ink belongs to Reese Powell (I think-)
Fran Bow Belongs to Natalia Martinsson
Six(Little Nightmares) Belongs to Dennis Talajic
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