PET FiSH in a POOL ???? Swimming with 2 new fish friends! swim lessons with Adley and her Lil Dipper

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Learn how to swim with Adley and her lil fish friends in the pool!!

Parents can purchase Lil Dippers online at:


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we are having a Pool Day!!! My mom and I want to go to the pool to have fun and to show you my swimming tricks that I've been learning at swimming lessons! I've learned how to freestyle, backhand, flip in the water, and dive!! While swimming Dad called and told us that he was bringing over a really fun surprise! When he got there he showed us these really cool pool toys called Lil Dippers! They were tiny fish that could swim out of the packaging and swim around the water like real fish! It was so cool, they were acting like real pets!! Me and my new friends swam for a really long time! We like playing tag and I loved chasing them! After a while, Niko showed up and I wanted to show him so we took our new pets out and put them in an aquarium to show niko! His favorite part was that we could feed them with a bottle!

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