preston eggert - fact or fiction (official audio)

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Did I make this up?
Did I love too much again?
Someone tell me if I did it wrong

Did you want me back?
If you did then why am I hurt this bad?

The gift you gave me
And the letters written
Made you feel less far
Like it closed the distance
But you don’t feel the same
I made the wrong prediction
But I loved all those things
Be them fact or fiction

Guess I’ll let you go
There’s just one thing I have to know
Was it me? Was I too broken?

If I know one thing to be true
It’s that I still wanna be with you

Cause the texts you’d send
Became my new addiction
Your words felt like home
But now I’ve been evicted
Cause we don’t talk no more
Ignored the premonitions
All those things they hurt me
Be them fact or fiction

No I don’t do well
With competition
So I gave up please
Let me explain just listen
The bad jokes I'd tell
I hope that you don’t miss them
I don’t want to hurt you
That’s not my intention

Is not my jurisdiction
I guess I died for you
This is my crucifixion
Oh I can’t stay round you
It’s my own restriction
All those things they’ll haunt me
Be them fact or fiction

That’s my point of view
Half-accurate depiction
All our moments shared
I question their existence
You didn’t want to cause me
All this apprehension
But to me those moments
Were more fact than fiction
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