Prince Arctic // WoF PMV // Loved

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Some of the timings are off but I could literally spend hours trying to fix it and I’m pretty happy with how this turned out overall. Didn’t mean for such a long gap between uploads but it just kinda happened. Hopefully I can find the inspiration to finish some map parts now that this is completed~

Also something that I’ve always wanted to get off my chest- Just because Icewings are white doesn’t mean they have to be all white. They can be blue, purple, whatever and still easily be recognized as pure Icewings. It really helps to differentiate dragons and makes more striking designs. I want to yeet all of those gross wiki designs with the awful grays straight into the Nightwing’s volcano lol.

Song- Loved by Fein
Time Taken- 35-40 hours maybe? Idk
Programs used- Procreate (drawing), Cute Cut Pro (editing)
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