Pro Scrims League S-8 || PUBGM || 2 Min Delay || !insta

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Dreamers Community presents "Pro Scrims League S-8", the best players from BD are facing each other in

Send any sorts of donations to me via Bkash or NAGAD [ Number- 01838000110]
Please mention your name in the reference ????

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Team names:

5. A1 Esports
6. Bad Intention X
7. Gods Reborn
8. Arena51 Esports
9. VS Never Settle
10. 4Archangels
11. Ma5ia X
12. TRZ Esports
13. KS AXE
14. Venom Legends
15. 1971 Gladiators
16. Warmongers
17. BB Bye Bye
18. Soulz Of BD
19. Phantom Esports
20. Wolves Den Esports
21. Inertia Esports
22. Blackops Infinity
23. Redlight Esports

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My PC Configuration-
Processor: Intel Core I5 8th gen 8600k Processor
RAM: G-Skill 16gb 3200 bus ddr4 ram
GPU: Gigabyte 1060 6gb xtreme edition
SSD: 250gb Samsung 960EVO SSD
Mother Board: Gigabyte z370XP SLI
Webcam: Logitech c270
Monitor: Dual Samsung Monitor
Current resolution for OBS: 1280 x 1080, 60Hz

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