Sevish - Starfish (22edo microtonal music)

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Starfish from Sevish's new album Bubble -

So excited to release Bubble today. I wanted to make music in similar style to Harmony Hacker and Horixens - and subvert the hegemony of 12 tone equal temperament.

Microtonal scales are essential to my music. These scales have different aesthetic effects and moods. Mixing microtonal harmony with beats is something that I can't seem to get bored of.

Starfish is a track in 22edo (22 equal divisions of the octave) that switches seamlessly between 10/4 and 4/4.

Over the coming months I will upload all the other tracks from the album. But you can hear the whole thing today on most streaming services and Bandcamp. Links at the bottom.

Play along to Starfish using your qwerty keys (Scale Workshop):
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