Slither Movie Explained in Hindi/Urdu | Slither 2006 Horror/Sci-fi Film Summarized हिन्दी/اردو

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Slither is a 2006 Horror/Sci-fi movie explained in Hindi Urdu. “Slither” is an American horror scifi thriller movie whose full is story summarized with full ending in हिन्दी explanation. The Plot of “Slither” is a black comedy set in a small town in modern day America, with a dash of horror that spoofs 1950s films and pays a tribute to the science fiction genre. The story revolves around a small town man who becomes a host to an unknown alien and his body is being used by the alien to live. It's almost like a parasite. This alien and his children increase in multiplication and now they have to stop. because this alien parasite will turn all the residents into zombies.

यह फिल्म अच्छी हॉरर फिल्मों में से एक है, इसमें एलियंस, एक्शन है और यह आपको बोर नहीं होने देगी।

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