Soldier, poet, king | FTO gacha club meme | ft: the three main grim shade members | Happy New Years!

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Hey guys hope you enjoyed this meme like I said with the two before this you are free to use this meme in any reaction videos please just give me credit, the links will be down in the desc for the owners of the characters and who inspired me to make this meme happy New Years everyone see ya next year!

(I don’t own any characters or audio In this video nor do I claim to I only claim the gacha club designs all links to the rightful owners are down there ⬇️)

links to the rightful owners of any characters and or songs used in this videos:

Characters used (in order)
Viper -
Micheal -
Alamos -

Apps used
Kinemaster (pro) for editing -

Procreate for art+thumbnail -

Gacha club for characters -

Audio used + inspired by -
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