SOLVED 3-Day-Old Missing Person Case.. (Antonio Amaro-Lopez)

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We found 57-year-old Antonio Amaro-Lopez in his car underwater, solving a 3-day-old missing person case in Portland, Oregon after you, the viewers reached out and put us in touch with Antonio's family to help bring him home after he lost control of his car on February 14th, careening off the I-205 Glenn Jackson Bridge into the Columbia River.

Antonio had been missing for 3-days before we arrived on Feb 17th to offer our services to the family and the Multnomah County Sheriffs Office River Patrol.

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Doug and I met up at 8am, and up to the I-205 bridge shortly before 9am where we also met up with Scott.

After identifying an area of interest to search for Antonio and his missing car, the MCSO asked that we stay out of the area.

Waiting for them to pull back to search our area of interest, we slid into the area around 12:30pm and quickly identified a vehicle underwater, marking it with a grappling hook.

Notifying the Sheriff of the location of the vehicle, we were asked to remove the marker and move out of the area.

The MCSO Dive Team arrived on the scene a few hours later, and after unsuccessful attempts to locate the vehicle, asked if we could help with locating the vehicle a second time.

Within a few minutes, the vehicle was located and we placed the grappling hook back on the vehicle.

The MCSO Dive Team was then able to dive on the car underwater and confirm that there was a body inside.

Shortly after dark, Antonio Lopez was recovered and brought onboard the MCSO Dive Boat.

We are honored and humbled to have been there for the Lopez family, side by side on the water and witnessing their candlelight vigil onshore at the boat ramp upon our return at the end of the evening.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Lopez family.

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