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translates to $2,000 - crazy. Wholesome :)
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I do not take credit of the stream highlights I post, all credit goes to the content creator. If you are the content creator and would like a video to be removed please contact me via Twitter, Instagram, or E-Mail: legacysettersofficial@
Twitch LivestreamFails Streamer Credits (clip is from one of these usually):
Mizkif -
Pokelawls -
Rajj/Austin -
Ali Larsen -
Sliker -
Jon Zherka -
Anita -
Trainwrecks -
Tyler1 -
This channels is based on posting the best clips of popular twitch creators like xqc, sliker, trainwreckstv, mizkif, ludwig, hasan, hasanabi, tyler1, sodapoppin & many Some of them are also CLASSIC clips that will go down in history which ill be posting cos they're too funny twitch clips.
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