Superman: Agent Of Batman - Pitch by Max Landis

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you should probably get high and dim the lights before watching this

This is the sequel to the comic book I wrote, Superman: American Alien. Of course all the dialogue is me just goofing off; I'd actually write them talking like real people, not like a goofy yelling idiot in a batcave.

So yeah, it's basically just A Star Is Born.

The question of Superman can never be “am I special, how special am I, am I worthy.“ Those are Batman questions, because Batman wants to control. Superman doesn’t want to control, he just wants to help. He can’t be the chosen one; the “last of an alien race” thing is most interesting when it’s incidental.

To me the question always has to be “am I loved? am I giving love? Am I doing the most with the tools I’ve been given?” He’s not the messiah, and him not being the messiah is the heart of the character. He has to be just some normal alien, he shouldn’t be alien royalty, all that dilutes it.

Because it’s an immigrant story. It’s about being true to yourself, making that work, and then carrying that truth and love to be truthful and loving to everyone else. Superman is Clark doing his best.

So I like to write stories where his assumptions about that are challenged, about what’s right and wrong, about what “Superman” should or shouldn’t be doing. I write Clark as an underdog, always. Because I think the truth is, it’s easy to be Batman. It’s easy to be a rich asshole. But in this world, it’s sometimes harder to be kind and open hearted.

That’s Clark’s real super power, in my eyes. Not that he’s strong, but that he’s good. Not naive, not idealistic, not a bland boyscout. Just a fucking awesome guy.

"SO HIGH" By FloJamz99 and Chris Renier.

Very happy to share this; this video would not have been possible without the help of Andrew Schwartz, Noelle Hanson, Niterian, Alex Montilla and Chris Renier.

All music taken from artlist, all footage from artgrid and shutterstock.
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