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Thank you for !!!!????????????

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in this video, they do not know (yet) that Naruto becomes Hokage, and they do not know that the nine tail is sealed in him (they only know there is some kind of bond between them, that's all ).
In the video kushina said "he managed to befriend the nine tails" but in a way, you know "oh they seem close" something like that =_=
ANYWAY in any case they do not know the nine tails is sealed inside him (for whatever reason even though it's kind of obvious)

I wanted to clarify all this so you guys won't be confused (I got confused myself while making the video ????✋????)

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This isn't really related to this video but the serie in general. In the videos "Team Minato react" the ships are canon ! BUT I will maybe do some skits/memes where some Obikaka can appear ( it is one of my favourite fandom ships so yeah- ). I don't know yet if I will put Obikaka in other reactions vids, most of them will be canon ( MOST of them not all :D ). If you don't like or aren't comfortable with fandom ships or any ships in my videos then you can leave :) I'm sure you'll find what you want somewhere else.

Another note : Recently I just found someone who reaploded one of my videos without asking me first or giving credit.
Do not reaplod my videos without my consent and if I accept then you must give credit.

Thank you for reading, have a good day/night :)
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