The Darkness - A Collaboration For The Future - Trailer

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Darkness follows brightness. Night follows day.

Through wars, famine and natural disasters, this natural revolution, this circle of time endured.

As we push through this pandemic. As we watch the world stand against systemic racism. 

As we venture through this darkness, it is important to retain our hopes for the future. 

Believe that day will follow night.

It is crucial to keep this light of hope burning within the youths of today's society. 

To support them, believe in them, empathise with them so that when night returns, they will have the strength to guide our world through the darkness."

Empathy International and ICMP London have teamed up with UNICEF UK to give the public an opportunity to protect that light within the children of today's society.

They endeavour to raise £500,000 in support of children whose futures appear unattainable at the hand of coronavirus, racism and poverty.

Donation link has been included below if anyone wishes to give to this cause.

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