The "Perfect" School

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“Don’t worry, you guys will fit in fine,” our mom said as she dropped us off in the front of the school.

My younger brother, Lucas and I looked at each other with a doubtful look. We waved goodbye.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

He nodded and I draped my arms casually over his shoulder as we walked through the gates of our new school together.

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As I sat in my first class, I could not help but notice how clean everything was. Nothing was out of place; all tables and chairs were perfectly aligned. Even the pencils on the teacher’s tables were the same size and in a straight line.

I watched as children entered class, sat quietly, and waited for the teacher. The bell rang and the teacher entered the classroom. She called the roll, introduced me to the class and proceeded with the day’s lesson.

For every single question that was asked all the children raised their hands in an orderly fashion to answer. Children did not talk to their friends or laugh while the teacher was talking. This happened in every single class.

Even walking through the halls and going from class to class, the students made lines and the hallway was quiet, way too quiet for my liking. I felt as though I was in a horror movie and at any point in time something would jump out and snatch me away.

I was surprised by two things when I walked into the cafeteria:

1. That the kids weren’t actually talking to each other.
2. There weren’t any cafeteria attendants. Each student was waiting patiently in line and dished out their own portions.

I spotted my brother sitting at a table alone. I sat in the chair next to him and pulled out the sandwich that I brought from home.

“Have you noticed anything freakishly weird about this school?” I asked as I bit into my sandwich.

“Other than how clean and quiet everything is? Yeah it’s pretty weird.” replied Lucas.

As I observed the other students, I realized that Lucas and I were the only ones eating lunch that we brought from home. The school said that lunches were paid for in the school fee however my brother and I walked with lunch just in case we did not like the meals that the school offered.
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