Time Travel is a Bitch | Sci-Fiction Horror Novella by Elder Prince ― Project Dechentreiter

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This novella should also appeal lovers of Stephen King and some of Christopher Nolan's movie fans such as Tenet and Interstellar.

Project Dechentreiter (Time Travel is a Bitch) is a 30,000 words gruesome novella composed of murder confession letters written in an unreliable narrator style, telling several intertwined stories: a quarrel between brothers through the multiverse, the kidnapping of a baby, an incurable mysterious illness, ghostly apparitions, a case of exorcism, and a sinister sentient machinery from the macroverse.

The novella finely blends several genres together—black comedy, fantasy, mystery, horror and science-fiction―the bearing theme being the exploration of human nature and life striving experiences.

Not forgetting a shocking ending that will stimulate readers to seek for some deeper cryptic sense behind the story.
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