Tips, Tricks & Things YOU SHOULD KNOW! - Destiny 2 Season of Worthy

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Today I'm sharing a bunch of tips and tricks for Season 10 of Destiny 2! Lots of different things in this one so stay till the end, and please read below for more stuff that I couldn't fit in the video!

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If you're still not convinced about Xenophage, watch us melt the Pit of Heresy boss in 20 seconds:
I had a bunch of other things I wanted to include, but cut because the video was getting too long. Here's some other things I wanted to add:
1. Whisper of the Worm's Normal version of the activity is bugged like Zero Hour & Zero Hour Heroic. However Whisper Heroic is not bugged.
2. You can track the Trials meta, map, population and more stats at this awesome site:
3. If you're having trouble with overload captains or overload enemies in new/old content, try out swords! They have a bunch of artifact mods this season and can make fighting those teleporting captains much easier, especially because light attacks can infinitely combo. My favorite sword to use is the Hunter-specific one "Goldtusk" from heroic menagerie because it is the only sword that can hold up to 80 ammo.
4. Warmind Cells and the Charged with Light mechanic have synergy
5. You can earn the Destiny 2 vanilla armor as world drops from legendary engram
6. Xur's fated engram will give you the new season's exotics like the season pass
7. To speed up leveling your season pass or artifact, make sure to only turn in bounties when you're with a fireteam member on any destination (not in orbit because it won't work.) If you or them have the fireteam boost (Shared Wisdom Buff) from the season pass, it will greatly boost your xp gains

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