TOP 5 PHOTO TIPS for food + product photos

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You're going to want to watch this video before your next photoshoot! In it, I’m sharing my TOP 5 TIPS to create professional-quality food and product photos at home with either a phone camera or DSLR camera. I’m taking you from lighting through composition to shooting the final scene. We’re talking about shadows and reflectors, styling techniques, blurring the background to create depth, and a phone camera trick that’ll change EVERYTHING!

If you’ve watched all my other videos, some of the tips will be a refresher, and some will be brand new - that's my kind of combo!

As promised, my in-depth videos:

Natural lighting and how to create different shadows:

Photo compositions to know for product and food photos:

Depth perfection (aka how to the blur the background with a DSLR or phone camera):

Lightroom editing basics that will transform your food and product photos:

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