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????Schedule: Thursday - Sunday, 1 episode per day at 20:30 (GMT+0800)
Drama name: Ugly Beauty
Genres: Suspense, Romance
Also known as: 皮囊之下, Pi Nang Zhi Xia

A story that follows a pair of twins who venture into the glittering lights of showbiz with a secret to hide. Despite their identical looks, their personalities are different as night and day.

The kind-hearted Xiao Mu assumes the identity of her audacious older sister Yao Menggui and transforms overnight from a plain jane delivery clerk to a famous star that is known to every household. Entertainment reporter Chen Mo discovers inconsistencies that raise his suspicions regarding her identity. In order to land a scoop, he gets close to her by pretending to be her manager. When Chen Mo becomes privy to the truth, will he use it to protect his love or reveal it to the world?

Chen Mo - Huang Shengchi
Yao Menggui / Xiao Mu - Zheng He Hui Zi

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