Venom And Spider-Man Will Team Up In Venom 2

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Venom and Spider-Man Have To Work Together in Venom 2
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Venom surprised everyone by being a solid hit with audiences and making a lot of money worldwide. It basically guaranteed that Sony’s experiment of making movies about villains and anti-heroes would continue. But there was one thing about Venom that drove fans crazy, and that was whether or not Tom Holland’s Spider-Man would show up in the movie. After all, the two have a very special relationship and having a Venom movie without any mention of Spider-Man just seemed odd.

Of course, we all know that Venom arrived with zero mention of Spider-Man, but everything is a little different now. Disney and Sony had their infamous fight that saw Spider-Man being removed from the MCU and more than likely being placed in the Sonyverse. Now, the two sides worked things out, but we think it’s led to a compromise where Spider-Man can be both in the MCU and the Sonyverse at the same time. And really, Venom 2 needs Spider-Man. Eddie Brock is about to face his toughest fight he’ll ever face when he goes up against the crazed sociopath Cletus Kasady, otherwise known as the supervillain Carnage. As strong as Eddie’s symbiote is, Carnage will be even stronger, meaning Venom needs all the help he can get. Given that Carnage is almost unstoppable, we think a Spider-Man and Venom team-up is in the works for the Venom sequel.

Today’s video is all about Spider-Man appearing in Venom 2 and why it makes perfect sense, so check out the video and don’t forget to leave a comment and hit that subscribe button once you’re done!


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