We made an XP FARM in Minecraft One Block Hardcore | Ep 16

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We thought it was time we made an xp farm in Minecraft. Our Minecraft one block skyblock island was made completely out of order, we focused on things that weren't necessary to make our island beautiful and now we are coming up on the end phase and we have ZERO enchanted armor or items. so we need to get enchanting in order to make things easier on us. Over the next few episodes we are going to have to prepare for the end by making potions and enchanting as much as we can. I'm not sure when we will fee comfortable to attack the block again, but I can tell you right now is not the time lol.

This xp farm is designed to make mobs spawn in and fall until they are nearly dead, so we can kill them and gather all their XP and items. Hopefully we gain enough levels to enchant all our weapons and armor.

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