WoW Classic - Black Morass TBC 1 Pull! Mage AOE Farm! ~600 gold/hour!

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00:00 - Intro
07:28 - Kill Phase
13:13 - Talents

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600g/hr = 50g/run for skinning + 25g/run raw vendor + 75g/run spider silk = 150g * ~4 per hour= 600g/hr. This is server dependent depending on your prices for knothide leather and spider silk!

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In today's video we jump into Black Morass with a MAGE 1 PULL! With skinning, this farm can net roughly 600 gold per hour. In one pull we pull 100 mobs making this one of the best TBC AOE farms. You can also power level your mage this way and get roughly 240k - 270k experience per hour WHILE making 600 gold per hour. I hope this helps you with your AOE farming in TBC classic!

Thank you everyone and I hope this video helped you in some way! If it did or if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below. Look forward to seeing you all in the next video!
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