Wu Tang Collection - Snuff Bottle Connection (Mandarin with English subtitles)

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Director: Liu Le Le
Cast: John Liu, Hwang Jang Lee, Yip Fei Yang, Wong Yi Lung

A conspiracy by Chinese traitors to cede large amount of land to the Russians is uncovered by a government agent. After an investigator is killed confronting brawling Russian soldiers, a regional chancellor brings in Shao Ting Shang (John Liu) to figure out what is behind the murder. Shao has an old friend named Kao (Yip Fei-Yang) in the town and decides to hire him for the duration of the investigation, even with Kao's reputation of being somewhat of a con man. When the Russian Colonel Tolstoy (Roy Horan) arrives in the town, Shao realizes that something fishy is afoot and suspects power hungry General Shantung (Hwang Jang-Lee, looking as good as ever in his numerous scenes) is behind it. The closer Shao and Kao get to the truth, the more confrontations they meet. Soon, the two are up against all the General's men and the Russians as well, in an all-out war.

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