ZOO LAKE Animal Transfer!! Doctor Adley and Dad morning check up routine THE MOVIE! (pet backyard)

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Taking care of animals at our play pretend Zoo Lake!


HEY EVERYBODY!! WELCOME BACK TO ADLEY'S ZOO! As you know our zoo has gone through a couple of changes! First we started our in our backyard, then it got to cold and we had to move them inside! BUT NOW, It's starting to warm up and we wanted to give the animals an upgrade from the backyard so we transferred them to our lake lot! We thought this was a great idea since they will have more room to run around and they have a lake to play in! We brought all of our favorite animals to the new location to live like our mountain lion, snake, wolf, squirrel, owl, fish, lobster, bears, horses, and a caterpillar! Each animal has a specific place to live now! They can all have their own room to run around in and relax!! With any zoo transfer there is a couple things we had to do. We had to check every animal and see if they were ok with a doctor check up and we had to feed them their favorite foods! This time my dad brought his laptop to keep track of everyone's dietary needs, medical history, and their names! It is so fun playing vet with my Dad! I can't wait to come back and play with these animals some more!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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